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Featuring Josh Waitzkin, top-ranked player Judit Polgar, & more!
Josh Waitzkin: Chess Kids, then and now   Judit Polgar: Chess Kids, then and now   Morgan Pehme: Chess Kids, then and now
They were prodigies then...  See where they are now!

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"...exceptionally entertaining documentary...interviewing several
strikingly eloquent young players, while also subtly examining one
of the most hotly debated issues in the chess world: the role of gender. Bonus features includes a follow-up on the players."
— Video Librarian, January/February 2012

Chess Kids documentary film awards

Read the full 2011 Review from the
United States Chess Federation!
"The most realistic portrayal
of tournament chess I've seen"
Jack Peters, LA Times
"...this charming film has
a message about determination
for everyone."
Fritz Mitnick, School Library Journal
"Highly recommended...
exceptionally entertaining."
Randy Pitman, Video Librarian
"Any child with even
the slightest interest in
the cerebral board game
will love this documentary."
Child Magazine
a great way to recruit girls
to the game!"
Liz Moya, Elementary School Teacher
and Chess Coach
"...Hamrick's fine documentary
provides chess aficionados
with an adrenaline rush,
and perhaps offers novices
some incentive
to take up the game."
Publishers Weekly
"One of the finest kids' videos
Child's Play has seen lately..."
Moira McCormick, Billboard
"First there was
Searching for Bobby Fischer...
now add Chess Kids to the list
of must see films involving
children and chess."
John Donaldson, Inside Chess